Hi my name is Nina! I am happily married to Markus. We have 2 lovely children – a daughter and a son. Together with two cats and a dog we live in our adopted home country Ireland.

We live a country life in a cosy little house with lakeview.
We like to cherish the small things in life and make the most of it.

I work as a self-employed fashion and costume designer. Love to create and make. I have a passion for knitting, crocheting, sewing, embroidering, .. everything crafty. I have my own jewellery line. Tutor sewing classes.  Author for knitting and sewing e-books.

Elves and dragons are my friends. I’ll meet vampires at night & enjoy sharing my dreams with faeries. I read up to four books at once & try to type down my own imaginative words.

Love the time I spend with my family. Baking (we love cakes & cookies!), doing something crafty (like painting a birdhouse for our garden). Or just taking a walk along the beach.. put your feet in the wet sand and collect some seashells and stones on the way.

I like to share my crafty makings & findings. My family life and thoughts with you and thank you for reading.