Interview with PAELAS knitwear part 2

This is part 2 of the interview with the Norwegian knitting pattern designers Paelas.  Read part 1 here.


Ifeelcrafty: How did you start knitting, Siri?

Siri: I first started knitting in 2012 when I was expecting my second child. I love to put wool clothes on my children, and since my own mother did not knit, I had to learn it myself. Since then I have knitted daily.


Trude: I started knitting after my first child was born.We have a long tradition for knitting in my family, so I guess it was expected of me. (Trude is currently on maternity leave).


Ifeelcrafty: Frida, what are your favourite yarns and how did you start knitting?

Frida: I started knitting when I was expecting my oldest son. I`ve learned most of it on my own.
I like alpaca/silk combinations, soft alpaca, cashmere and wool/silk. I love using different types of yellow, blues, turquoise tones, but also more neuatral tones. I like variation!


Trude: I like so many different yarns. I often prefer merino wool, or alpaca/silk blends. I also like to vary colors a lot, there are so many nice ones!

Ifeelcrafty: So what can we expect from Paelas throughout the year?

Siri: We are planning an autumn collection for baby, toddler and children up til 6 years. Both boy and girls. We try to make designs that are unisex, classic but still playful, functional for everyday-wear and longlasting. 


Frida: Since we are new at this, we are still figuring things out but we of course have big dreams and visions for the future!

Ifeelcrafty: Thank you so much, ladies! This was a great insight in your everyday life. I’m really looking forward to your new patterns and ideas and of course will meet you girls again soon on instagram!

Find the strikkemamas on instagram: Frida @frida_bre, Siri @madebysiri and Trude @panda_mr