Interview with PAELAS knitting patterns part 1

Knit-along! We’re meeting up with Siri, Frida and Trude the founders of the knitting pattern collaboration  Paelas. The passionate knitters met via instagram in autumn 2013 sharing their adorable children clothing creations. Today the norwegian mums own a pattern shop called Paelas and share their romantic & retro chic knitwear pieces with needle-lovers from across Europe. The knitting design shop is still in its baby booties but quickly filling with much-loved classics to make one-of-a-kind pieces for your own toddlers. And the popcornsuit also known as popcorndrakt is already getting famous!


For the three women it’s a first. Siri and Trude are psychologists and Frida has a law degree. Design comes naturally and the knitwear pieces are both functional and adorable. All the girls have started knitting only a few years back and mostly self-taught the skill.
The women are mainly knitting for their children aged from 10 months to 5 years.


The idea for Paelas – the name is a combination of their children’s initials – grew quickly. In autumn 2013 the knitting mums found each other through their instagram feed. Living far away from each other strewn across Norway, this year in spring 2014 they actually met. Frida @frida_bre, Trude @panda_mr and Siri @madebysiri big plans for the future! Make sure you check out their pattern shop and follow the new designers on instagram.


Ifeelcrafty: Thank you ladies for meeting us today. First of all, tell us a bit about where you live so we can picture you in your home!

Trude: I live in a traditional apartment in Oslo, with high ceilings and wooden floors. The apartment is really silent (when my kids are not around) but when I step outside on my balcony I get reminded that I live in the middle of the city.
(Trude’s two girls are 2 and 3 years old)


Ifeelcrafty: That sounds really charming, Trude! Is there a special spot where you like to knit?

Trude: I like to knit on my sofa, looking at my kids playing nearby. I also like to knit at cafes, but it is a rare treat these days.

Ifeelcrafty: Frida, what about you?

Frida: (Frida lives at the north-west coast of Norway) I live in a newly renovated house in a small city. There is much light from the windows and a fabolus view over the fjords/mountains. I like to knit in the living room, while looking out on the fjords/mountains or outside while my children play in the garden. The interior of my home is thypically Scandinavian, childfriendly, functional and light.


Ifeelcrafty: Siri, how can we picture you at home?

Siri: I live in mid Norway, out of town and up in the woods. The house is new, placed at the end of the road, at the beginning of the woods. It is light and filled with laughter and noise from my three little children. (Siri has two little girls 2 and 3 yrs old and a boy, 5 yrs)

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