DIY handmade STORAGE solutions for your HOME

Vases and jars. Boxes and tins. Wooden, metal, glass and plastic. Here are some easy do-it-yourself storage ideas to brighten up your home!
These holders and organisers are simple & stylish and make such a difference.
Jars. Organise your crayons, pencils and brushes with these painted jars in pastel colours.


Photo by kootutmurut found here . Check out the step-by-step instructions plus paints to use and drying estimates.

More jars. Get those jars on the wall. Build a simple board to mount your glass jars and bottles onto. Turn them upside down to fill yarn and twine in. Scissors,  brushes, ribbons, buttons, everything neatly stored away! Have a look at this inspiration pic here on pinterest.


I am liking these wooden boxes. The painted on patterns are simple yet effective. An absolut have-to-do! Use them for fruit and veg storage (I’m always looking for room to put our weekly vegetables away, this could be IT!) While I’m at it, I can picture a huge selection of teas  nicely stored. These would also make great toy boxes, organise your craft supplies or FABRIC – or those precious skeins of WOOL 🙂 I’m thinking BOOK boxes. Magazine boxes. Ah I would need at least 20 of these. And without the bottom (like open at the bottom), you could build small storage solutions like tiny shelves or tables. Okay that’s it. I ♡ wooden boxes. These pretty ones were found on ManMade. The crates/boxes were taped and then painted with acrylic paint visit ManMade for easy to follow instructions.

For more ideas check out my inspiration board on pinterest.  I always admire handmade porcelain and metal doorknobs and never have furniture to use them for (so sadly never ever buy them). But there’s a project with mason jars and doorknobs that might change that!!