Happy EASTER !

It’s Easter Sunday everyone!  Grab your baskets and hop outside, if you’re lucky you might see a glimpse of a fluffy tail or some long furry ears!
The Easter bunny was visiting our garden this morning,  so here are our happy egg hunters!


Have a lovely Easter Sunday xx
& enjoy this special time with your family.

What are your traditional Easter presents?

In our Easter baskets we find handpainted colourful Easter eggs – Easter breakfast wouldn’t be the same without them – and  chocolate eggs. The most precious piece is an Easter chocolate hen or bunny, usually a handcrafted one from an artisan chocolaterie.
I remember my mum gave us girls (I’m one of five sisters) a special pair of tights as Easter gift. They were lacy or especially stripy or with a flower pattern all over, just a perfect pair for a pretty spring dress.


More of our Easter adventures later 🙂

PS: Their wellies-jumper matching outfits are fully unintentional.  Haha.. I feel like supermum looking at these pictures 😉