Interview with RUBY ROBIN Boutique

This morning we spend with jewellery creator Kay Bells from Ruby Robin Boutique. Kay lives in the very south of Ireland, in beautiful Cork.
Her unique keepsakes are handcrafted using real fern and moss, dandelion seeds or preserved wildflowers. All made from real Irish plants.

ifeelcrafty: Hi Kay, we’re glad to have you today. Thanks for taking the time.
So, tell us. What’s your typical Saturday morning?

Kay: My typical Saturday is actually the same as any other day of the week, with the exception that I might lie in a little later if I’m not too busy! I start my day waking up to cuddles from my mini Dachshund Heidi, and at least one of our four cats. I check my mail and answer emails in bed on my ipad before getting up to start my day. First stop is the kitchen for a cappuccino and I usually head straight to the studio then to get started on my orders for the day. When I have all the jewellery polished, wrapped and packed, me and Heidi get our boots on and head down to the post office! When all the parcels are safely on their merry way across the world, we might go for a coffee in the local cafe before heading off on our daily walk around the beautiful old North side of Cork.

ifeelcrafty:Your favourite place/café in Cork & what would you usually order. What makes it so special?

Kay: It has to be Cafe Paradiso on Lancaster Quay. Even though I haven’t been a vegetarian in years, it is still by far the most wonderful, imaginative and tasty food I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. The menu changes a lot, but the last time I was there I had some delicious swede, champagne mushroom and chestnut terrine type thing with a really rich jus and a date-rum bread and butter pudding for dessert!

ifeelcrafty:You can’t leave the house without..

Kay: It has to be Heidi! She can’t tolerate being away from me for a even a few minutes while I go into another room, so she comes everywhere with me. Mini Dachshunds are known for being exceptionally needy and having bad separation anxiety, but I don’t mind at all, it makes her the perfect companion for someone working from home all day!


ifeelcrafty: Cork is full of markets. Which ones do you like & love to stroll about?

Kay: I love going to the little farmers market in Blackrock on a Sunday morning. We usually go and get some freshly caught fish for dinner, a takeaway coffee and then head up the old disused railway tracks for a walk. I’m also a regular at all the local car boot sales and lately I’ve started going to antiques auctions, which is insanely exciting!

ifeelcrafty:  Which book are you currently reading?

Kay: I rarely find the time to sit down and read a book, but I’m a huge audio book fan! I can listen to 8-12 hours of audio books in a typical work day so I tend to go for big long epic fantasy series. At the moment I’m listening to ‘The Blade Itself’ by Joe Abercrombie which is quite good but I’m anxiously awaiting the next books in both ‘The King killer Chronicle’ by Patrick Rothfuss, and ‘A song of ice and fire’ (Also known as ‘A game of thrones’) by George R. R. Martin.

ifeelcrafty: Your favourite city of all time. And why.

Kay: Oh that’s a tough one.. I’ve been nurturing a pipe dream to pack up and move to Berlin one day for about the last ten years so I guess it should really be there! It’s just such a beautiful and vibrant city, with some much happening in art, craft and music. I love the suburbs too. They’re so peaceful and green, full of little outdoor cafes with people drinking coffee and playing checkers, boxes of veggies growing on the footpaths and the most amazing graffiti pieces going right up the front of huge apartment blocks!

ifeelcrafty:  Childhood dream. When I grow up I want to be a ..

Kay: I think I always assumed I’d be an artist like my parents, which probably wasn’t very imaginative of me! I realized around the age of 18 that I would never be a great painter and gave up any ambitions to pursue it in college!

ifeelcrafty: Thank you so much, Kay. It was nice talking to you! It was a lovely journey to your Cork and great insight interview.


Visit Ruby Robin Boutique on etsy and have a look at more one-of-a-kind pieces. Like miniature terrarium necklaces with sea keepsakes or this raw amethyst with moss in a glass orb! (My favourite!)