Handmade TEEPEE

Hands up! Who would like a reading/ sleeping/ chill out teepee like this? ME, too.

All you need for this totally no-sew tipi are a hot-glue gun, fabric scraps and wood for the poles.


Find the whole step-by-step instructions on The Handmade Home A weekend DIY project for the weekend! And while you’re there do a little reading (it’s World Book Day isn’t it?!).

There’s tons of awesome how-tos & diy-must-haves.

Plus you get to know the creators of this stylish yet simple hide-out place.  Jamin and Ashley who live with their three adorable kiddos in their handmade home in sunny Alabama,  United States. Photo property is thehandmade home.

So so love the colour setting of this!! (My favs are aqua + magenta).