Materials WOOL Finch Studio

When it comes to choose materials for a new project, options are endless online. Still I like to go into those family-run craftstores where you get a smile, smalltalk and inspiration from another crafter’s basket. Sometimes even a cuppa & biscuits.

Ths next best thing online are the little shops with their storefront on etsy or dawanda and alike.
You get heartwarming stories, great service and high quality materials.
Today I would like to introduce you to Wool Finch Studio. You get everything from handspun & hand dyed wool to hedgehog fabric and handmade felt fabric. Wonderful materials to create delicate and unique pieces.

Step into Wool Finch Studio on etsy & meet Jennifer the owner. In real life she lives in Ireland, County Clare. International customers welcome.

Here’s my Top Three -as seen above –
#1 Fabric Felt red/pink
#2 Merino mixed Starter Kit
#3 Hedgehogfabric

The pictures are photo property of Wool Finch Studio.