Rag dolls

Love handmade dolls? Especially for the winter season I like handsew projects like these. They make wonderful and very personal Christmas gifts!
Check out Janette ‘s rag dolls on her blog The Green Dragonfly

The Green Dragonfly

Rag dolls 1A little while back I mentioned the possibility of making some new rag dolls to my children.

Now, I’m not sure what it’s like in your house, but in ours once these fatal words are uttered; “I could make you a…” there is no going back.

They can’t be unsaid people.

My children become obsessed – questioning progress, reminding of promises, creating grandiose plans, proposals and plays all centered around the procurement of said item which I am going to produce. When Mummy? Have you started it Mummy? When will it be finished Mummy?

Doll making, it turns out, is SO not my thing.

Maybe it’s just fiddly sewing I’m no good at? I confess there was so much teeth gnashing and cursing before these two were finished I’m surprised they didn’t both end up with curly hair. Or toes.

Anyway they were finished, and while they are not perfect…

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