Interview with TINY OWL KNITS

Oh how lovely! Stephanie Dosen creator of Tiny Owl Knits takes the time to chat with us & have a cuppa!!


Spirit of the Birch

ifeelcrafty: Stephanie, you’re just back from a trip to England to take pictures for your book. A book! How cool is that?! Thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions!

Stephanie: Absolutely! Thanks so much for asking me.

ifeelcrafty: I’m sure everyone is dying to know what the book is about. Is it a collection of your patterns? Maybe some new ones added? And when is the book released, tell us all about it! 🙂

Stephanie: The book is called Woodland Knits. It is a collection of 10 previously released patterns and 11 new ones.  The theme as you can probably tell is forest fantasy! 🙂

We are finishing up the editing process now and the book is set for release in Autumn 2013. I remember when we first started discussing it that date sounded so 

far off and now its just around the corner! Everything from dragon watching to moonbeam dusting is featured so expect some whimsy and lots of magical fun. 

I am passionate about my belief that knitting should be thrilling so I worked really hard to create patterns that give me a little fairy head rush! Thankfully I am 

working with a visionary publisher at Quadrille Press UK and they have been so sensitive and supportive to my artistic vision. I feel so very lucky to have had that support.

They let me push the envelope a little bit which is something that I realize many publishers are nervous about. 

ifeelcrafty: The setting for the photo shoot was in England. What is so very special about the location you choose?

Stephanie: I wanted to travel back to the UK to take the photos because that is where I was living when each of the designs were born. I just couldn’t imagine the setting being anywhere else. 

We took shots in various woodsy locations around Surrey & Kent. We also went to Truro (Wales) and took some of my favorite shots in an enchanted forest there. Some of my best friends

were the models which made it so meaningful to me. I was so glad that they wanted to be a part of it.  Each of them are real faeries with pure magic in their hearts so it lends to the book feeling a bit tingly!  

We went to Avalon after the shoots each time to decompress by the Chalice Well and.. um… eat lots of chocolate with sea salt!



The Beekeeper’s Quilt

ifeelcrafty:  Everything you create you do with so much passion – what/who inspires you?

Stephanie: Thank you so much!  I’m inspired by everything from stained glass lamps to hiking boots. Animals inspire me, little books, candle nights and fairy lamps. Gnomes and toad houses, seasons, flowers & birds. 

Paws and claws, trees and bees. Hedgerows and lilies, old lace and bracken. Brambles, nests, gardens, fairy tales, Avalon and of course my Unicorn.

One of my friends reminded me recently about the fire in your belly that makes you create things. I am very inspired by that excited feeling about sharing fun stuff with people and spreading love as I do it.

I believe that when you create what is in your heart you remain in your center and that alone reverberates and aids in universal joy for all living beings. I try to stay true to myself with my creations. That way even if no one likes them, at least they still make me happy!


Mr Fox Stole (my heart!)

ifeelcrafty:  Name your favorite handmade artists / shops. Who gets you tempted to buy their creations?

Stephanie: I love a beautiful place’s etsy shop I believe our muses are old dear friends.  I love Rima Staines’ work It is beautiful and instantly puts me in my cottage by a toasty fire! I have so many favorite knitwear designers too. My sweet friend Stephen West never ceases to amaze me with his impeccable taste and mind-bending ingenuity.  

ifeelcrafty: With the upcoming book, what else are you planing for Tiny Owl Knits this year?

Stephanie: I have 12 new sketches burning a hole in my sketchbook! I’d love to get those out before the book comes out but that might be a bit ridiculously ambitious! I have a record coming out very soon with my band Snowbird. It is with Simon Raymonde from Cocteau Twins and features various guest artists including a couple members from Radiohead. I can’t wait for that to finally come out! It has taken us several years to get it just right. Other than that I plan to get to the mountains as much as possible and play with my friends in the woods. We have full moon celebrations each month around a bonfire and it has been so magical and transformational. 


Forget-me-not collar

ifeelcrafty: I always carry something handcrafted with me. What is your special handmade piece of the moment?

Stephanie: OOoooooooh I love this question. I carry lots of stones around with me in a little leather pouch made by a woman in Glastonbury. It has 2 sweet hares and a moon on the front and I love it!

I’m also wearing some boots I just made and the pattern will be out in the next 2 weeks.  I’m really so excited about these boots I can’t wait to share them!

Gypsy petticoat by Tiny Owl Knits

Thank you so much, Stephanie. It was absolutely delightful to have you! Good luck with your book & we all are looking forward to your new styles and patterns!!

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