Handprinted FABRICS

Being a fashion designer, I LOVE fabrics. Natural and raw materials have always been my favorite choice. Wherever possible I used plain fabrics and dyed them myself to my liking – silk, hemp, cotton..

I was amazed when I first saw how an Indian wedding sari was handprinted with very delicate and much detailed wooden stamps.

Lately I have a thing for handprinted loveliness. It seems more crafters have as you can find beautifully made fat quarters all over the handmade market places.

This picture is from Seapod Craft Studio – printing! The designer Jessica has some really nice sewing patterns for New Mums on Etsy.

Here Jessica is carving out a stamp for printing. Delicate work I’d say!

All over blogland you can find nicely matched up colours, patterns, different styles and techniques.. You can find detailed information on how to do-it-yourself. Easy starter tutorials and loads of inspiration for advanced printers. Amazing!

I got this wonderful book – just arrived in the post. “Printing by hand” by  Lena Corwin. I like it as it covers a lot of different ways to print. Not only fabric, more all-in-one on how to handprint. I’m sure you’ll find everything online, but sometimes I like to have a book at hand.

Have a look at these beautiful prints – get inspired!

I’m looking forward making some handprinted fabrics myself – with all the lovely Irish countryside around I’m sure there will be loads of inspiration!

This one was part of a handprinted fabric swap – how cool is that?! – love it!

(Picture property of Leslie Keating from maze&vale, see the original post on fabric swap here)



All the above prints are by Sarah Waterhouse – a talented artist from Sheffield, England. Please visit her Etsy shop. Lovely designs – and all on sustainable fabrics like hemp or organic cotton.

This collection is from maze&vale – make sure to visit her Etsy Shop – she has a sale going on until 21st April. And so very beautiful prints!

Wouldn’t you like to add some handprinted flair to your home?

Pictures from artists are their own property.