WRITTEN Love – pen pal friends?

Do you enjoy getting ‘real mail’ in the post as much as I do? There is something special about someone sat down & wrote something especially for you. I like to treasure letters and cards in a memory box & take them out re-reading them with a cup of tea. The joy is the same even years later!

Do you like to write written mail as much as I do? There is something nice about carrying some envelopes of thoughts to the post office.

Why not send some WRITTEN Love around the globe?

Interested in writing & receiving some ‘real’ mail from fellow bloggers & followers?

I’m hosting a pen pal friend experience! You can join in!

1. To join in just leave a comment on this post! Make sure your email address is visible, so I can contact you!

2. Everyone who joins in writes to three pen pals! And gets mail from three in return 🙂

3. Pen pals will be matched up  randomly – you’ll get names & addresses per email! (only of those you are writing to!!)

4. Share Your mail on our Flickr Group! Photostream & Discussion Board. Written LOVE – pen pal experience

Hopefully  loads of people will join in to the fun!!

Head over to The Green Dragonfly  for recent real mail experience.

Lately I really love writing letters around the globe. Since we moved to Ireland last year, it seems we have family all around the world. A sister in Montreal, Canada, taking  a gap year, a sister studying in Vienna, Austria, two more sisters & a brother in Germany, an aunt plus cousins in New Jersey, USA, .. the list seems endless.

Even my little girl – just 6 years old! – has a pen pal and LOVES writing to her – she adds some drawings and photographs or little crafty makinmgs to her letters.. adorable!

It seems so much more personal as electronic mail or all those mobile connect apps – don’t you think?

We should really take some effort to keep up with the written word!