GIRLS Wardrobe

Spring is here and the sun is out! Our boys and girls need something new to wear! I’m on last minute to decide which projects to choose for Kids Clothes Week SPRING 2013.

You get a whole week to make clothes for your children. Starting 22nd April. Pretty cool I think! Well mostly sewing I think, but why not make something else? Just a thought!

Here are a few styles I recently found and liked! All of them fitting in a GIRL’s wardrobe.

I like the easy to wear simpleness of those pieces. Like to see my little girl run around in the grass & have some fun! That’s the thing about children’s wear, it should be comfortable.


I like the colourful prints and the simple cut of these designs. I’m sure I’ll pick one, two, three, .. of these.

kcwc1I’m sure your girl needs a cutie apron like this one? Why not make two – so you can do some baking together!

kcwc4A simple full circle skirt. This will work in all colourful prints – small and big scale!

And last my absolute favourite. A pretty checked dress.


Like the colour setting. Yellow-white, red-white and pink. Yay!

All the clothing pieces are from the Oilily Spring 2013 collection. The apron is from the Room Seven Spring 2013 collection.