Puppy LOVE

easter4smOur puppies are getting bigger every day. They are very active and love to run around in the fields around our house – quite close to the sheep and lambs, but they don’t mind. It’s so nice to see them grow up!


Love this picture! They make such a lovely team!

We are looking for families for them now and hopefully we find good new homes for them. The kids find it difficult to part and we are thinking about keeping one. They are all so very cute!

One of our neighbours is taking one. So he will be close by. That’s nice as we could visit  him – the kids love that. He’s a farmer and the dog will work with sheep so that’s a promising future for him!

My daughter’s favourite!

Our son’s favourite! They call her Snoopy as she looks pretty much alike him 🙂 She’s a very attentive little thing.

My favourite little girl! I love her freckles.. and she really likes me.

It’s so nice they could grow up outside. Here in the lovely countryside in Ireland.