Tiny OWL KNITS knit-along

Stephanie from Tiny Owl Knits started a challenge for 2013. Knit 13 tiny owl knits pieces in 2013. Yay! I love challenges.. Quite easy to decide if there are so many pieces to go.. right? Let’s see..

OK not that easy actually. But I’ll try.

1. Gypsy Petticoat (that’s already on my spring to-do-list) have to get material


2. Spirit of the Birch scarf (love that one – it’s magical!) have to get material

3. Hopsalots slippers (wanted to make these bunny cuties the whole winter..) in my  yarn stash

4. Fairy Castles – two or three of them to store my knitting needles, super cute work space decoration! have to get material


5. Fawn Poncho – made one of those for my daughter’s 5th birthday last  year, she adores it! have my wool sitting to make mine since then..

6. Moss and Bluebell pocket scarf – already started this one!

7. Mr.Fox stole my heart.. another one of those! Made a small one in pink for my daughter’s 6th birthday 🙂 some of the wool in my yarn stash – have to decide wether or not make a big one??


8. Magic Treetop bag ???? have to get wool for that! don’t know yet what else.. have to decide..

9. some Hexapuffs ! in my yarn stash..


10. maybe the Violet Handpuff – love that one! buy material

11. .. nope.. not yet

12. …

13. … maybe there’s a new pattern out soon??

Want to knit along? You can join the Tiny Owl Knits Ravelry group here. Or join the I FEEL CRAFTY community  – for a chat, pattern help and to share your pictures 🙂

Stephanie from Tiny Owl Knits is on her way from the USA to the UK.. she’s up to something .. secrets .. I’m sure it’s magical!

No we are not announcing anything just yet. BUT she’ll be back in April with lots of brilliant pictures and some NEWS and she will talk to us at I FEEL CRAFTY & share her adventures with you!!