I’m busy decideing what to sew for my children this year’s Kids Clothes Week challenge. From 22nd-29th I’m sewing for my kids.. sweaters, skirts, dresses, leggings, pants, .. what else is there they need for Spring 2013?

If you’re sewing along & are trying to figure out what to make have a look at these fabulous patterns from the Sun&Surf collection!

Sun & Surf collection

Sun & Surf collection

Or these adorable girl’s outfits! Beautiful selection.



bubbledressThis pattern is available on Etsy  Straight Grain Pattern. Pretty cute I think! All three pictures above are property of Straight Grain.

Stay tuned for more pattern suggestions and my ultimate sew-list of this year’s KCW Spring 2013!

It’s pretty easy to find good girl’s patterns.. but I want some super cute boy’s as well! What are you going to sew?