Baby KNITWEAR & crochet hooks

My knitting is moving along. This baby sweater looks quite sweet so far! And it’s so very soft thanks to Sublime silk & bamboo.

Have a look at my baby knitting project here.Β  If you want to knit-along you can! Just leave me a comment or join my I feel crafty group on Ravelry! Join the community, knit-along and share our stories.

I had a lovely little packet in the post today! My very own aluminium metallic crochet hooks! *yipeeh!* Since my sister ordered some – and we enjoyed working with them so much – I wanted to own some myself. Took me a long while (but I could always use hers.. ). But now they are here!

All wrapped up – my son arranged them by size for me, he loves working with the needles measurer (I also like this little helper, very handy when working with UK and US instructions or to find the right size of needles).

You should really think about getting those colourful crochet hooks for yourself! It’s worth it. They are quite pricey – I got mine on eBay – and it’s so much more fun working with them as with the usual ones.