Interview with Jill McDonald

Colourful, playful and imaginative. Illustrator & Designer Jill McDonald makes passionate art for kids. Today we have a cuppa & chat with Jill!

Find her beautiful creations on etsy Tada by Jill McDonald


ifeelcrafty: Describe yourself in five words!

Jill: driven, honest, moody, compassionate,obsessive
what a weird combination :0)

ifeelcrafty: You are a parent. It’s not always easy to cope with family life & work. How old is your little one and could you give us any advice on how to manage things better?

Jill: My son is 5 1/2 & it’s always a struggle to find the right balance. My husband works with me managing the day in day out business side. This has been a tremendous gift in both parenting & business. It’s provided us with a little more flexibility. We’ve done our best to explain to our son that this is our family business. His mommy makes art, his date helps me so I have more time to create art & he helps by being cooperative & part of our team. The truth some days this works beautifully the other days not so much. My son is very creative & I think as he gets older it’s fun for him to watch a project from start to finish. He offers suggestions and I love hearing his point of view as I specialize in art for kids.

ifeelcrafty: Saturday afternoon – where would we find you?

Jill: Unfortunately, often times on Saturday afternoon you’ll find me at work.

ifeelcrafty: How does your work space look like?

Jill: We bought a 100 year old house a block from where we live.
I wanted a studio close to home but not in my home. Luca (our son) had a nursery here when he was little & it’s now his play room. My office is a big open space with a view of the small downtown in Parkville. It’s homey, charming & has been a good space for us.

ifeelcrafty: Any other creative space you enjoy!

Jill: Other things I enjoy besides art & design is nature.
I adore flowers – the colors, shape, variations & smells.
My dream is to have a big garden that I can wander around & pick flowers from.

Thank you so much, Jill! For a very honest & inspiring interview. Good luck with fulfilling your dreams. May your garden be as colourful & welcoming as your drawings!


Jill lives with her family in Kansas, MO, United States. Her art makings include wall decorations as canvas growth charts & posters. Jill illustrated a book and made designs for children bedding & rugs.  For more information on Jill and her work have a look here Tada this is Jill.


Or visit her website Jill McDonald Design

All the pictures shown are the artist’s own.