MAGIC birch tree

Dreaming about a day in the woods? Breathe in the air and cherish the scents & colours all around? Want to hear a story about the Magic birch tree, portkeys and how to make wishes come true by writing them on a piece of bark?

Then you should watch Stephanie’s video about her new knitting pattern ‘The Spirit of the Birch‘. I love all her videos! She is a very special person, full of life and so passionate about what she does.



I like that the scarf is knitted first and then felted after. Have you seen the fringe? Beautiful! Plus you get to make cutie cuffs to go with it. (she puts patchouli in it to wear it!)


One of my new projects.. I loved it from the beginning and I could use another scarf for the Irish weather.

‘Don’t touch the portkey!’ .. You should definitely watch the PS as she talks about birth & new beginnings.

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