Interview with Deborah van de Leijgraaf

Today we are lucky to have an inside interview with illustrator Deborah van de Leijgraaf.  The dutch artist specialises in design for children. Her pieces range from fabrics & ribbons to paper cards, prints and DIY kits. Find her pieces on etsy by Bora.

woven ribbon 'pirates'

woven ribbon ‘pirates’

Have a look at her fabric prints in the article ‘Fabric HEAVEN for kids’ earlier this week.

Organic jersey fabric 'vikings'

Organic jersey fabric ‘vikings’

ifeelcrafty: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Deborah: I live in the Netherlands in a little village close to Delft with my husband and 2 children. I’ve always loved to draw. And as a child I knew that I wanted to go to art school some day. And so it happened and I graduated at the Willem de Kooning academie in Rotterdam (2002)
Since then I work as a freelance illustrator and since 2-3 years also as a fabric designer. I love to design for little kids; because then I can create bright, colorful, whimsical and happy drawings.

ifeelcrafty: You have little boy and a baby girl. How old are they and how do you manage family life & work?

Deborah: My son is turning 6 years next week and my daughter is 2 years old. As a freelancer I’m free to work on times that my kids are on school or sleep. That’s how I manage family life & work. My husband also works as a freelance programmer so he can also spend a lot of time on our family when I’ve got a big job to do. He also loves to cook 😉

ifeelcrafty:Tell us about anything handmade you created especially for your children!

Deborah:I love to sew clothes for them with fabrics I designed. And I always make invitation cards for their birthdays, wallpapers for their rooms, coloring plates, etc. I really love to design stuff that can be used by my own kids. They are my big inspiration of course!

ifeelcrafty: How would a perfect Sunday morning for you be like?

Deborah: Sleep a little longer than is usual. The kids are awake early lately 🙂 And after so cold winter I’m looking forward to spring and eat breakfast in the garden and enjoy my kids playing with water. But I now need to have a little more patience with the dutch weather…haha

ifeelcrafty: Do you enjoy other crafts than art&design? Give us an example.

Deborah:  I love sewing! It’s so great to make my own clothes and home decoration. And I especially love to sew for my kids.

ifeelcrafty: Your summer plans for this year – whatever you like to share!

Deborah: We’re going to Norway with our motorcycles. My husbands rides with a sidecar were our 2 kids can sit next to each other. We’ll go camping and enjoy the mountains and nature. We’re looking forward to it.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer a few questions! This was a great insight in your daily work & life.

'Bunny DIY rattle plushie'

‘Bunny DIY rattle plushie’

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