COLOUR me there!

My children love painting. Anything actually. They like being creative and give things the look they like. I think it’s always fun to have them have their way and see how the world looks like for them! Colourful and beautiful and never boring I’d say!


At the end of February was my daughter’s 6th birthday party. We like to make something special every year! Cut & paint our own invitation cards and having a theme party, making some crafts with the kids, .. Last year we had a ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ party, this year a ‘Knights, princess & dragons’ costume party! I’ll make a special post for that one – promised!

One of my daughter’s birthday presents was a DIY kit with a wooden  jewellery chest and paints. What a lovely idea! So we spent a wonderful afternoon painting. My  son got to paint a bird nesting house for our garden. We had a lot of fun!


Crafts with kids can be simple. Don’t be afraid if it get’s messy. Use water based paints and let your kids wear clothes that can be easily cleaned. Choose a work space where you can let things lying – maybe you need more time than you thought. You don’t want to put things away and then start again.



You need something that’s worth keeping for longer than a few weeks – a bird house, a wooden box, a small chest drawer, .. Anything that would last for some time. Children like to keep their makings – so why not encourage them to really make something they can use & keep!


Get creative & have a good time with your kids – it’s priceless.