Hoot! We’re CUDDLY

Our new cuddly friends are ready for a big hug! Oh my kids adore their new owly put-me-in-your-pocket crochet softies.

Here’s how we made them. First-up get the DIY tutorial – check out what we’re up to. Then head to the craft shop nearby (well in our case 30km away! yep we live in the country) and pick your favorite colours! You can also use left overs from your yarn stash. Anything you  might like!

I let my kids have their pick. They chose

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in orange (colour 340035) and bright red (340034 )

Debbie Bliss ecobaby rose-pink (colour 14012) and soft grass-green (colour 14006) and also white (colour 14001) for eyes

Sublime baby silk & bamboo in pastel blue with a slight silver shine (the silk!) (colour 269)

Sublime extra fine merino wool dk violet (colour 0065)

And I had some

Rowan purelife in pastel pink (colour 980 madder) and lavender (colour 982 brazilwood)

Rowan kid classic in black (colour 831) for eyes

in my yarn stash!

I sketched some owls for my children to colour in the selected colours and voila! They made their own design owls. Pretty cute I think.

And there you go. Saturday evening crocheting in front of TV with my mobile nearby to have a look at the tutorial – quite handy I think. More crocheting yesterday when kids were in bed.. but was more paying attention to the TV as my husband surprised me with a movie. So today another go and here they are owltastic little birdies. Love them!

They need a proper picture. Somewhere outside in a tree, sitting in the green or on a branch! One of them has feet as my little son wished for claws!

Have to make one for every one of my sisters and send them a little surprise package! (I have four sisters – one in Austria, one in Canada and two in Germany). I’m sure they will LOVE them as much as we do. Now I think of it, I’m sure I could make a lot more and let them fly around to friends & family.. have to find some time to do that!