Give me WINGS

Feathery wings to wrap around your shoulders. Real craftsmanship made with an imaginative mind. I LOVE this unique capelet.

A wonderful design piece from a fashion label named Celapiu from Krakow, Poland. They specialise in cold-weather accessories. Such as scarfs, gloves and shoulder coverings. Everything made by local craftsmen from materials produced locally. I was in Krakow years ago for a student exchange programm  – a beautiful  city with great historic setting!


A-one-of-a-kind finding! Don’t you think?

We are heading Spring / Summer but maybe something of interest for the southern hemisphere? I will definitely get my hands on some wings material & share! A great piece for the Irish weather.

Did you know I like FOXes? I do actually. A lot.

They also have a super-warm felted Arctic Fox scarf. Would make a wonderful addition to our fox pack..

Arctic Fox by Celapiu

Arctic Fox by Celapiu

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