Interview with Giselle No.5 part 2

This is part 2 of our Interview with Giselle Massey from Giselle No.5. Read part 1 here. Giselle No.5 is an artisan studio that offers a wide range of handcrafted stamps. The stamps… Continue reading

Interview with GISELLE No.5 part 1

It’s Easter weekend and we have a very special guest! Giselle Massey from Giselle No.5 has a heart to heart talk with us. Her design studio Giselle No.5 produces the most wonderfully handcrafted… Continue reading

Happy EASTER !

It’s Easter Sunday everyone!  Grab your baskets and hop outside, if you’re lucky you might see a glimpse of a fluffy tail or some long furry ears! The Easter bunny was visiting our… Continue reading

DIY for KIDS colourful EASTER stones

This is a perfect outdoor DIY for kids craft. Hop on art fun. Easy, simple, no cleaning up & you have everything at hand. Join us to make colourful stones! With Easter approaching… Continue reading

From Tadpole to FROG week 2

The first wriggles! We were afraid it would never happen to those first eggs. As they were FROZEN. One night the frost hit and we had tears when it was discovered that our… Continue reading

DIY heavenly AMETHYST Mirror

Brilliant. Since I’m in love with amethysts – see this unique necklace by Ruby Robin Boutique – my heart beats faster everytime I see those violet crystals! This tutorial for a handmade Amethyst… Continue reading